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bheith ag cur fearthainn

Everybody knows diaries are full of crap

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10 October 1975
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I'm red-haired, grey-eyed and short. And Canadian.

This journal went friends-only some time ago, mostly because I've gone all crazy and neurotic. I have been lax about posting lately too, and generally just write about boring, mundane stuff that isn't that interesting to anyone (including me), so you're not missing anything. I haven't written any new fanfic in at least a year - if or when I do start writing again, I'll keep those entries public, so people I don't have friended will know. My friending policy is lax and haphazard, please don't take it personally.

Current fannish interests: Stargate: Atlantis, Bones, Heroes.
Fannish interests I have toyed with in the past: Lost, ANTM, House, LOTR
Fannish interests that never go out of style, even though I'm not posting about them: Harry Potter, Star Wars.

Current non-fannish interests: spinning, knitting, playing World of Warcraft.

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